Euncoin – Donate to receive

The more you give to your favorite YouTuber or Content Creators, the more Euncoin you will receive. All you need is a wallet and donate to a participating Creator.

Start earning Euncoin now!
The easiest way to start in the world of cryptocurrency while helping people and saving the environment.

How to receive coins?
The distribution system is designed to transfer Euncoins to donors with registered wallets if the donor is contributing to a Content Creator and that artist is participating in Euncoin. The donors will receive their coins at the next donation circle per monthly cycle.
What is the benefit for the Creators?
As soon as they sign up, the Creators will receive coins for their help in promoting Euncoin and finally have something to return to their donors. This will invite more people to donate and for donors to increase their donations.
How to make signup the people I get money to?
We need specific information from the Content Creators to insure that the donations they receive is accurate, so they need to signup. However, a donor have access to their creators in the comment sections of their Facebook page or on the various donation sites they use. You can inform the creators about Euncoin and tell them to join us, so both of you can benefit from it.
What are the risk for the donors?
The only risk is to miss out the great opportunity, like how people missed out on Bitcoin. As most donors are already giving to Content Creators, the only risk is losing the 90 seconds it takes to register a wallet.

Start receiving euncoin now!

How the distribution system works

Remember, if the Content Creators (YouTubers) you are donating to are not participating in Euncoin, you will not receive coins for these donations. Please invite them. They have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Euncoin’s features

Receive coins for money you are already donating to your favour Content Creators

Creators; Give something back to your donors

Transfers in under 30 minutes – Transaction verification is instant

Transaction cost is very low

More than 56tx seconds, 20 times that of Bitcoin